In addition to creating visual art, I am also a widely published writer. With advanced degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing, I possess a deep understanding of poetry and the written word. Below you can find my full-length collections, as well as limited-edition chapbooks. A comprehensive list of journal and magazine publications can be found here. To read the digital chapbook from Rough Spring Sonnetsvisit Like Starlings. To read my collection of computer-generated poems, titled A Series of Ad Hoc Permutationsvisit Scantily Clad Press.


Unwanted Invention / Vargtimmen

01 Nov 2015

Four years after the release of his debut collection, Joshua Ware delivers his second and third books of poetry in a single, tête- bêche artifact. In UNWANTED INVENTION and VARGTIMMEN, respectively, Ware charts the luckless lovers' course: from ecstatic origins to inevitable disillusionment. 

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Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley

01 Apr 2011

Winner of the 2010 Furniture Press Books Poetry Prize, H2H2H2C follows in the formal tradition of Jack Spicer and Rod Smith. Oscillating between poetry and prose, the book explores the concepts of genre, subjectivity, and Literature.

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How We Remake the World: A Concise History of Everything


Written in collaboration with the poet Trey Moody, this limited-edition collection won the first annual Slope Chapbook Prize. How We Remake the World explores historical narratives and the time-line form in order to challenge received narratives of our past.

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I, NE: Iterations of the Junco


I, NE: Iterations of the Junco is a collaboration between John Chavez, Megan Gannon, Rachel May, and Joshua Ware with illustrations by Meaghan Perry. This is a limited-edition artbook printed in a run of 100 copies.

Text for the book printed on reinterpreted Pendaflex Archival Quality 3 Tab File Folders. Images printed on handmade cotton paper with unbleached abaca and banana added. Handmade paper slipcase of Bristol Board, Brillianta Cloth and about 40 pounds of banana stalks cooked, rinsed and beat into 5:1 mix of unbleached abaca and cotton.

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Imaginary Portraits


A limited-edition chapbook produced by Greying Ghost in a run of 150. Imaginary Portraits contains 20, 11-line poems that explore the confluence of real and imagined experience within the context of a burgeoning love-affair.


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A collabortive chapbook co-written with the Omaha-based poet Natasha Kessler and published by alice blue books; SDVIG is a concept developed by the Russian Futurirsts that refers to a displacment or re-arrangment of aesthetic principles. Structured as a crown sonnet, these poems challenge the personal poetics of two writers.




A limited-edition chapbook produced by Further Adventures Press in a run of 75. Excavations is a serial poem that explores both the remains of ancient civilizations and the origins of language.